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20 Kitchen Experts Reveal Their Recommendation For The Best Hand Mixer

Whipping up cakes, cookies, whole wheat bread, cream - can't really do it without the help of a mixer. While a stand mixer will do the job and much more, hand mixers are usually more affordable and take up less space, which is a very important factor to take in consideration if you have a small kitchen. Whether you need to pull it out for a quick job, such as whipping cream or sugar and butter …

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30 Medical Experts Reveal Their Recommendation for the Best Stethoscope

Would you take medical advice from a lawyer? Or from a web designer? Well, neither would we! Here at Criticpedia we pride ourselves in only bringing you the opinion of real specialists. But when it comes to the medical profession we are even more aware of just how important it is that we let the specialists, and only them, address you. Which is why we are going to keep our own commentary down to a …

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20+ Kitchen Experts reveal their recommendation for the best electric roaster

Would you feel confident cooking Thanksgiving dinner or some other fancy, extended family meal? Probably not! And I say that because over 70% of us feel that way. It always feels like mom, grandma or grandad knew how to cook the perfect turkey, brisket or roast. And even if you are one of the few that feel confident in your cooking skills, a big dinner will also require you to cook a fancy …

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